Steven Brooks' Blog

Student @Flatiron School

Blog Post 1.0

I’m excited to begin blogging about my experience in learning to become a programmer and especially my experience as a student at The Flatiron School.

I’d like to write these posts and have this blog tailored to a wide variety of people ranging from someone who has no programming knowledge to those who are masters in the field (I’m sure once my development skills and vocabulary grow a good number of these posts will begin to be more technical.) I can promise this specific blog will be different than other blogs built by programmers because I believe my background is very unique to this field. While my fellow classmates come from many different background ranging from professional skydivers to accountants at Goldman Sachs, the only job I’ve had has been as a professional baseball player. One the other side of the coin I cannot promise that I will have perfect grammar or that I will not curse from time to time.

I’d also like to thank Max Jacobson (a fellow classmate) for helping me in debugging issues to set up this blog to my Github account.

To be continued…