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Testing Ruby

I was quickly drawn to “Testing Ruby” by Emily Price because as a rookie programmer I have come to realize that things such as planning and testing are very important.

Ruby Testing

She writes that testing does many things for a programmer including:

  1. Ensuring the code is correct
  2. Promoting good practice
  3. Giving reference to how to code actually works.

In the first two weeks at Flatiron School, testing out my code before moving on has become very important. If I can know for certain that a method works (by testing), I never have to worry about that method later on in my program. It seems like such a simple idea but it was only something I found important after writing dozens of lines of code and realizing one of the first few lines did not work.

One pointer that Price writes about that I learned was to:

  1. Write your test first

This is something that I can see would be very useful. At this point in my programming career I am just learning how to do that so this slideshow comes at a good time for me.

Some of the things I thought of during my first two weeks as a programmer that she brought up were:

  1. Get instant notification when you have an issue
  2. Write as little code as possible to test

As my skills as a programmer grow, I would like to be able to create some sort of a process in which I develop certain ways to test my code to find errors as soon as I can.

Price also has a Git Introduction slideshow on speakerdeck.