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I'm Back

Dear Everyone Who Has Read My Blog,

According to my watch, it should have been about two months since I last blogged. These past two months have been a very challenging time for me as my father recently passed away.

I will be starting up my blog again soon as within the last week or so I have been able to get back to programming. One of the things I have been working on has been speeding up my Workout App and adding Eager Loading into my application. Thus far I have eliminated a little over 60% of my queries.

Actually it’s probably better I do some stuff now. In my Workout App the individual workouts #show page has a visual representation of a users workout through the Google Charts. Originally, my #show action looked like this:

My params

Very strait forward, I had created a :graph method that would all the charts to work. When I do this, here is what the queries look like:

My params

Yuck, that’s 18 queries, and although it’s not very slow on my current app, if this workout had more than a few exercises with a few sets, it could be much slower.

Then I started looking into Eager Loading, which allowed me to turn my #show action into:

My params

Here, I am loading the routine for the action, that routine belongs to a user and has many lifts. Those lifts belong to an exercise and have many infos. So now when I Eager Load into the instance of routine and run the :graph method, we get this:

My params

Just 5 queries.